Frequently Asked Questions

All about Devon Rex

We specialize in this beautiful, exotic cat breed; Devon Rex. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to share our passion for this amazing breed of cats with you. We do ask to take a minute to read our frequently asked questions (FAQ). That will answer all, if not, most of your questions that you may have. If you still have a question that has not been answered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to help you make the best choice of a kitten that best suits your family.


Once you’ve decided you want a kitten, click on “Reserve a Kitten” button and fill out the reservation form. Please tell us about yourself, your forever home and what you’re looking for in a kitten. The information provided will help us to determine if one of our kittens at Royal Devons is right for you and which kitten will best fit in your family.

Please keep in mind that all our kittens are treated like fury children in our cattery so we will be very particular with their forever home.
We do reserve the right to refuse to anyone for any reason at any time!

Once we have approved you as a future owner of our kittens, have discussed and agreed on a kitten of your choice, we will ask for a $300 (three hundred dollar) non-refundable deposit to reserve your kitten. We will NOT reserve/hold a kitten for you without a deposit.

Yes; if we currently don’t have any litters available, you can place your name on the waiting list. Once the litter is born, we will notify everyone on the waiting list via email or by phone. The kitten will be considered “reserved” only after we have received a $300 non-refundable deposit.

Deposits may be paid by Cash, E-transfer, MoneyGram or Western Union.
• We will not hold/reserve a kitten without a $300 non-refundable deposit
• E-transfers can be sent to password: royaldevons

Remaining balance may be paid by Cash, E-transfer, MoneyGram or Western Union, and is due 2 weeks before pick up.
Your kitten will not leave the cattery until full payment has been received and purchase agreement signed.

If your kitten is being delivered/shipped via courier or by plane, full payment is due prior to the courier/flight being booked. All courier/flight/cargo and duty fees are paid strictly by the buyer.

Yes we do!
All shipping expenses are NOT included in the kitten price. All expenses; veterinary certificates, cages, taxes and charges are strictly the buyers responsibility.
To check the shipping cost across Canada/USA, please go to Air Canada website. The standard size of the cage for the kitten; in centimetres (cm) is 60x41x38.

YES! All our queens and studs are registered through CCA- “The Canadian Cat Association”, ACFA- “American Cat Fanciers Association” and TICA- “The International Cat Association”. Your kitten will be registered through one of the associations and will receive a “Registration” slip.

YES! All the kittens will come with a 1-year genetic health guarantee.
We strive on keeping our cattery healthy and clean. All our queens and studs have their yearly checkups and up to date shots. Everyone get their annual FiV & FeLV tests. We have certificates confirming that all our cats are: NEGATIVE.

To activate your health guarantee, you must:
• Take your kitten to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours after picking him/her up to confirm clean bill of health. This is for your peace of mind to know that you, in fact, picked up a healthy kitten. If we do not receive confirmation (vet receipt/certificate of health) your health guarantee will automatically void. If there are any health issues with the kitten and it is within 72 hours of picking him/her up, you can bring the kitten back for a full refund minus the $300 non-refundable deposit.

Yes; we will sell with breeding rights ONLY to reputable breeders/cattery’s. Price for a queen/stud vary from type, color and pattern. Devon Rex is an amazing breed; however, they are one of the hardest breeds to breed. I would not recommend this breed for “beginner breeders”.

The association guidelines state that no kitten can leave the cattery before 12 weeks of age.
Our cattery will only allow the kittens to go to their forever home after the kitten successfully recovered from his/her spay/neuter surgery and they are both mentally and physically ready. On average, you can bring your kitten home when they are 13-16 weeks old.

No! Your kitten will already be spayed/neutered before they leave our cattery.

NO! NO! NO! It is against our cattery policy to declaw a kitten. Declawing a kitten is equivalent to cutting a person’s fingers off at the first knuckle. As you can imagine, it is very painful for them. Our kittens (from a very young age) get used to getting their nails trimmed and trained to use a scratching post. We highly recommend you get a nail trimmer and scratching posts before the kitten arrives to their forever home.

Once your kitten is ready to go to their forever home, we will start planning about 2-3 weeks prior to the pickup/shipping date. We completely understand that you’re very excited to bring your new pet home, but please keep in mind that certain times of the year are busier than others, with that comes delays, we rely on your patience and consideration at those times. No kitten will leave our cattery until the purchase agreement is signed and all money is paid.

First and foremost, our cattery is our home. For health & safety of our queens and kittens, we will allow visitations only after the 2nd set of shots have been given and a $300 non-refundable deposit has been received.

We do not offer any payment plans.

NO! The Devon Rex is NOT a hypo-allergenic cat. It has been seen that people that are allergic to cats have a very mild reaction to the Devon Rex coat, but nonetheless they are NOT hypo-allergenic.

Proper introduction to other furry family members
I strongly believe that if you actually spend 7-10 days doing it the proper way, they will be sleeping together in no time!
Step 1: Once you pick up your new family member and bring them home, 7 day quarantine is a MUST! You can have the healthiest cat, and the kitten you picked up can also be the healthiest kitten but they grew up in different homes and are used to completely different antibodies. Because cats can have stress induced health issues, meeting a new family member is very stressful so to avoid this huge stress on both ends, we need to ease them very slowly and  at a very comfortable pace for them.
Step 2: New family member needs to be put in a small area such as a bedroom where her/his food, water and litter box will also be placed (temporarily). They might act intimidated and or scared, they might even hide under your bed. This behavior is absolutely 100% normal! Let’s throw you in to a new home with complete strangers that keep saying these “cute” phrases OVER and OVER again with this annoying voice!! New smells and surroundings with nothing but a blanket that somewhat smells very similar but not so much? Exactly, I don’t anticipate you feeling so hot yourself. Just be there and hang around. Be PATIENT! Let them get comfortable and they will come to you, I promise!
Step 3: The antibodies will automatically start  transferring because you going in and out of the room will start the initial contact without the physical contact, make sense? They will sense that there is a new cat in the house and will sit by that door and wonder who the heck is in there?🤔 They will exchange a couple of meows and will stick their paws or even their tail under the door and share their scents. This, ladies and gents, is the 1st initial step in them becoming best buds💝
Step 4: 7 days has past! Woohoo 🎉you made it!! I mean YOU! not your cats! Majority of the time the quarantine is not fulfilled to the end because you as a furparent feel that they can’t wait but a cat can’t tell the difference in time. So cheers🥂 to you for actually making it to day 7! By now your furkids are so anxious to put the “face to the smell” sorta thing that they will not have time to agress against eachother, which is what we were aiming for to begin with! 1/2 more day and they will finally meet! Day 7, we switch them. You take your new family member and allow them to roam the house while the other explores the room with closed door. Half a day is usually suffice. You can also put treats for them in the switched rooms so they associate this transition as a positive one.
Step 5 & Final: The moment we have been waiting for *drum roll please* introduction!
Open the door and sit on the floor near by and observe!! They will puff their tail out and might even make aggressive meowing sounds, please do NOT intervene because this is the critical moment where they determine who will be the dominant one. They can also paw at each other but if you pay close attention, their claws are not out because they’re not strangers anymore. Always keep talking to them through the introduction with a calm voice. Your cat will be very intuitive with you and will react as “well my owner is calm and happy with this strange ball of fur with 4 legs, then I should be too!”. Treats are also a great way to make them associate the kitten as a positive. If you have more than 1 cats that need introduction, I would strongly suggest to introduce them 1 by 1. Once you see that they are running around and happy, take the other one and do exactly the same thing as with the first.
I would strongly suggest to deworm all your animals including the new family member about 3-4 weeks after the introduction and maintaining it as a preventative routine every 4-6 months for 2 cats, 3-4 months for 3+ cats.
I wish you the best of luck with your introductions! If you have any questions, follow the link below and comment on the post or email us.